Upsurge Recovery Leg Rest

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Size: Small


Relieve fatigue, pain and get back to your best with the Upsurge Leg Rest. The ergonomic design uses gravity’s natural pull to increase blood flow and boost circulation. The simple and easy-to-use design will have you feeling relief instantly. Resting your legs at the patented angles on the open cell foam leg rest allows your body to fight fluid build-up in your legs and allows your muscles to relax, giving you a shorter recovery time. There is no extra equipment to use, simply lie down and keep your feet up! 

Maximize Results. Reduce Downtime. Increase Circulation. Easy to Use.

Post-training and competition: Whether you're starting out, or a seasoned triathlete, elevating your legs post-workout and competition is important. Allowing the increase of blood flow helps repair your muscles for better and shorter recovery.

Use for injury recovery: Sprains and strains are common among runners and all athletes, keeping your legs elevated properly can help speed recovery. The shape and cover allow you to easily place ice packs where needed while using the R.I.C.E method.

The pressure management fabric cover is designed to repel post-workout sweat, is hypoallergenic, water, stain, and flame resistant. Made of urethane, with low interface pressure, thermally conductive, and moisture protection. Easy to clean and disinfect.

Small: 18” Width, 11” Height, 20 3/4” Length

Medium: 18” Width, 11 3/4 “ Height, 23” Length

Large: 18” Width, 12 1/2 “ Height, 24 3/4” Length

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