Suprasorb G Hydrogel Dressing

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Suprasorb G is a smart, dynamic hydrogel dressing, designed to manage moisture and wound pain while gently removing necrotic tissue. Its cooling and soothing effect provides wound pain relief for the patient.

Features and benefits

Smart moisture management

Suprasorb G is an ionic hydrogel dressing with a highly dynamic fluid management capacity. Suprasorb G satisfies changing hydration needs of the wound by donating moisture to a dry wound and absorbing exudate from wet wounds.

Cooling pain relief

Suprasorb G reduces pain by cooling inflamed tissue, soothing irritated skin, and bathing the nerve endings in a moist environment 1)

Gentle autolytic debridement

In addition to reducing wound pain, Suprasorb G contributes to wound bed preparation by generating and maintaining the appropriate moisture level for autolytic debridement and granulation. Autolytic debridement has been shown to remove barriers to wound healing such as necrosis, slough, fibrin and biofilm, and to reduce time to healing. Wound debris softened by Suprasorb G is far more readily removed during dressing changes and through cleansing or mechanical debridement with virtually painless Debrisoft and Debrisoft Lolly selective debriding products. 

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