NelDerm Heel P.O.D.™ (Pressure Offloading Device)

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Size: Standard With Positioning Wedge


The NelDerm Heel P.O.D.™ (Pressure Offloading Device) uses multiple memory foam layers to comfortably elevate a patient’s heel, provide access for assessments/treatment, and allow for visual assurance of effective offloading. NelDerm Heel P.O.D.™ is the only pressure offloading device with full access to the heel, which allows for continuous wear during wound debridement and dressing changes. 

The NelDerm Heel P.O.D.™ hygienic cover quickly and easily secures with a single elastic strap and its waterproof fabric simplifies cleansing with the use damp wipes.

NelDerm Heel P.O.D is proudly made in the USA

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