HidraWear Superabsorbent Dressings

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Size: 5x7" 10/Bx


HidraWear Superabsorbent Dressings (standard) stay in place without adhesive, tape or bandages

Rapidly absorbs and locks away exudate, bacteria and odour and remains dry to touch.
Each HidraWear wound dressing comes with a patented fastener, ensuring adhesive free wound dressing retention.

For use with HidraWear baselayers as a wearable dressing retention system.
SecureLock™ technology offers triple protection against leakage, skin damage and dressing related pain:
- Conforms and moves with the body for 24 hour security against exudate leakage
- HidraWear dressings stay in place discreetly without adhesive, tape or bandages.
- Allows for Pain-free dressing change in under 30 seconds

Highly Absorbent- Locks exudate and potentially harmful bacteria and MMP’s away from the wound so the dressing remains dry to the touch
Custom Crimp lines- Conforms and moves with the body
Fluid repellent layer- prevents clothes and linen from exudate external leakage whilst also protecting wound
Silk soft and skin kind- high wicking to manage large and sudden volumes of exudate

Steps for use

1.Put on the HidraWear baselayer

2.Insert the HidraWear Dressing and place over the wound area

3. Secure the HidraWear Dressing in place with the External Fastening Tab

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