Fluid Motion Backpack: Best Feeding Tube and TPN Backpack

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The Fluid Motion Backpack™ provides reliable, secure, and mobile storage for IV infusion or parenteral/enteral feeding systems and supplies. The Fluid Motion Backpack™ replaces an IV pole and offers independence and mobility - users can secure their infusion pump and hang their IV/feed bag so they can manage their infusion/nutrition cycles on the go.

The Fluid Motion Backpack™ also offers a convenient design that fits over most wheelchairs.

  • Medical compartment features:
    • Two interior carabiners for hanging IV/feed bag(s)
    • Two velcro flaps to secure an electronic medical pump(s)
    • 5 interior additional pockets for medical supplies, ice packs, etc.
    • Three entry/exit points for medical tubing
  • Personal compartment features a padded laptop sleeve
  • One exterior pocket for quick access to essential items
  • Water-repellent shell and interior
  • Comfortable padded straps
  • Reliable and sleek design eliminates the need for an IV pole
  • Secure and mobile storage for IV infusion/feeding systems and supplies
  • Convenient hands-free design for freedom and mobility
  • Specialized compartments keep medical and personal essentials separate
  • Multiple interior pockets for customizable organization 
  • Durable materials to protect sensitive medical equipment
  • Easy to clean in case of accidental spilling

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