DuraShield Hand Sanitizing Lotion

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DuraShield® was originally developed for application of autologous skin in wound care centers. Its polysaccharide matrix penetrates the outer layer of skin to increase the lipid barrier and form a gas-impervious protective shield against water-borne irritants and damaging environmental agents.

Stronger Protection
- Kills every bacteria, fungus, and virus it has been tested against.

Less Oil Residue - Tests have shown it provides better skin protection with less oil residue vs. several marketed skin protectants.

Lasting Protection - Lasts for hours and even persists with >50% protection after two washings with soap and water, enabling less frequent applications. Alcohol-based products stop working as soon as they dry.

Greater Moisturization - Does not contain irritating surfactants, emulsifiers, or chemical detergents so its soothing quality prevents chapped hands, a risk for pathogen transferral. Tests have shown it has greater skin moisturization vs. the leading moisturizing lotions.

Safer - Is non-irritating to eyes and skin and has no evidence of oral toxicity. Because it is not alcohol-based, there is also no risk of flammability.

Preferred Choice - Focus groups demonstrate a strong preference for it.

Enhanced Versatility - Its formulation is insensitive to added active ingredients that require a stable pH, so it is compatible with vitamins, anti-oxidants, and skin-rejuvenating ingredients.


Who We Are

Our Mission
The fight against infections is not bound by the walls of hospitals. Anyone who works with groups of people is at risk; while many understand this, unfortunately their defense has been limited to the same outdated technology for decades — alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Advanced Biomedical’s mission is to put the power back into the hands of people worldwide with its proprietary time release formulation that enables its hand sanitizing lotion, DuraShield®, to be effective for hours against a wider range of pathogens.

Our Background

The technology for our formulation was originally developed for use in wound care centers for the treatment of open wounds on seriously ill patients often suffering from extremely suppressed immune systems or new skin grafts. Well over one hundred tests were conducted to ensure an effective, long-lasting barrier against pathogens and satisfy the peer review boards and hospital administrators. The product passed all tests and met all requirements of the hospitals, and was thus introduced into the wound care centers.

The next step was to develop a hand sanitizing lotion, DuraShield®, which would possess those proven attributes but with additional development, with an emphasis on safety. Further testing confirmed there was no toxicity or detrimental effects to eyes associated with the product. There is also no risk of flammability, unlike alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Thus, DuraShield® improves the health and safety of its users, while eliminating the undesirable side effects and limitations that have become the standard for years with alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

DuraShield®, the result of decades worth of research and development, is the remarkably applicable hand sanitizer needed in this time of spreading pandemics. Further tests are being conducted to ensure the product remains effective against emerging pathogens and suits our clients' specific needs.


Test Results

Proven Effective Against
Staph. aureus, MRSA, Strep. pyogenes, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E. coli 0157-H7, Salmonella choleraesuis, Campylobacter jejuni, Listeria monocytogenes, Norovirus, HIV, Candida albicans, Aspergillus niger and many more.

Advanced Biomedical, Inc. utilizes a unique and proprietary methodology to create the formulation for our new and vastly superior hand sanitizing lotion, DuraShield®. Independent testing data shows that not only does it offer the initial killing capabilities of the alcohol-based hand sanitizers on the market, but it offers the distinct advantage of protecting against a wider range of pathogens for extended periods after application. This is dramatically superior to the alcohol-based products whose effectiveness stops as soon as the alcohol dries. Additional independent testing demonstrates that DuraShield® can be applied less frequently, providing convenience of use and an overall cost reduction to the supplier.

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