Cutimed Sorbion Sachet S Dressing

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Size: 3x3


Cutimed® Sorbion® dressings featuring Hydration Response Technology combine 3 critical technology components that
promote the healing needs of all chronic wounds:
Soft Debridement

Polypropylene hypoallergenic outer layer

Safe for sensitive skin and maintains structural integrity preventing leakage

Fibers and gelling agents
Absorb and retain exudate, cellular debris and toxins

Space for swelling
Absorbent layer swells within polypropylene sheet to create optimal contact between outer layer and wound bed

Facilitates Soft Debridement of Dead Tissue
• Removes slough and toxins – isolating them within the dressing along with exudate
Removes exudate from the wound, which reduces odor
Maintains a moist environment that allows for easy dressing removal

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