Cutimed® ACUTE | 10% Urea Intensive Cream Mousse

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Cutimed ACUTE 10% Urea Cream Mousse is an effective moisturizer for very dry skin. It can be applied either to specific areas or to the entire body. Reduces roughness of the skin and is suitable also for patients with very dry skin due to e.g. diabetes.

  • Moisturizing 
  • Fast absorption 
  • With natural moisturizer 

Intended Purpose

Indications: Cutimed ACUTE 10% Urea Cream Mousse intensively moisturizes very dry skin and is especially suitable for feet. It is fragrance free. It is only indicated for external use on undamaged skin. 


Two droplets of water touching the skin to show that this product is moisturizing.


Impresses with excellent moisturizing performance. Helps restore soft smooth skin. 
Stopwatch indicating that this product acts fast.

Fast absorption

Is quickly absorbed by the skin with no residue, so that garments can be put on again immediately. Can also be applied under compression garments. 
Water droplet with a medical cross indicating that the moisturizing factor is dermatologically approved.

With natural moisturizer

Contains a natural moisturizing factor that binds water, rebalances moisture and helps the skin stay properly hydrated. Dermatologically tested and approved. 
Mousse blob on scaly surface to illustrate that the product is suitable for dry skin.

For very dry skin

Its special formulation meets the needs of very dry skin: it helps increase smoothness and softness of the skin, also reducing scaling. It has very good skin tolerability. 

How to use

Image showing how to apply Cutimed® Acute 5% Urea
Shake well, hold upside down, press base of nozzle gently to dispense a walnut sized amount. Gently smooth over the skin. Apply as required.

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