Conventional Bedpan Dusty Rose 3qt

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    This conventional bedpan is incredibly durable with a greater capacity to prevent spills, so it can be used with confidence. You'll also like its compact design - the units nest neatly together to maximize your storage options. What's more, it can even support a load up to 350 lbs., which exceeds the government's standard by 100 lbs. With its Dusty Rose color, it will make a great addition to any space.

    To use a bedpan, begin by lifting the patient to a comfortable position and placing the bedpan underneath them. Take special care to be sure the bedpan is properly positioned, so that the patient does not experience any discomfort while using it. Then help the patient to shift their weight onto the bedpan. After the patient has finished using the bedpan, slide it out from beneath them and dispose of the contents according to the hospital protocol. Lastly, sanitize the bedpan with a solution appropriate for handling human waste and store in a designated area.

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