Compreflex Calf With Transition Liners

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The Sigvaris CompreFlex Transition Calf is an all new design in lower extremity compression. Utilizing Breath-O-Prene fabric combined with a thin stretch panel for support, the CompreFlex Transition Calf simply slides on and wraps around the leg. The CompreFlex Transition Calf: (1) is easier to use than high compression stockings; (2) has a durable design that resists fraying and tearing; (3) made with soft, conforming, Breath-O-Prene fabric to provide a comfortable fit; (4) is Latex-free; (5) is highly adjustable: optional strap extenders are available and can add 10cm to the circumferential range; (6) is ideal for mild to moderate lymphedema or chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). The CompreFlex Transition Calf includes a pair of Sigvaris Transition Liners.

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Ann Appleton
Second Chance at quality life

These were for my Mom. She had been battling a bad case of Edema that got out of hand causing a lot of open wounds. After a change of wound care facilities because of not getting the results we were wanting, the new facility suggested the Compreflex Calf With Transition Liners. Previously she used compression stockings. The edema actually got out of hand while using compression stockings in the day and tuba grip in the evening. Six months later Mom has no open wounds and a change of compression garments and socks and will soon be released to once a week outpatient until she is released entirely. I feel confident we can manage her Edema with the addition of these compression garments. Extremely happy with the product. Have been in use for about four months now.

Van Jones

Compreflex Calf With Transition Liners

Linda Flight

They didn't work very well for me.

Sandra Cleaveland

Compreflex Calf With Transition Liners

Jacquelyn Palasek
Compreflex Calf, large, tall

Not the best fit for me because I have swelling on the top of my foot too, so it only helps with part of the problem. In my case, I think the compression stockings work better for me because they compress my foot as well.

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