Cold Rush Therapy Unit - Universal

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The OSSUR Cold Rush Cold Therapy System innovatively combines classic cold therapy and modern engineering to create a unique pain management solution. It boasts a high-level design and powerful engineering, making it the ideal go-to for everyday relief.

Cold therapy is a superior, prescription-free solution to managing pain, providing a non-invasive way to treat discomfort. Maximizing power and minimizing noise, the Cold Rush Therapy Unit offers an efficient way to deliver cold therapy.

Lightweight, convenient, and easy to operate, the OSSUR Cold Rush Cold Therapy System provides prompt relief that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Manage pain in a holistic manner for effective results at an economical cost.

An effective means of providing relief after exercise, during physical therapy, or for managing discomfort and inflammation resulting from light to moderate injuries to arms, legs, and other areas.

  • Has the best-in-class ice-to-water ratio
  • Works efficiently and runs quietly
  • Easy to fill, close, and operate
  • A large handle and small frame make it easy to transport
  • Prolonged exposure to cold therapy yields optimal results

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