ChloraPrep Prep Swabstick CHG/Alc 3s 5.25mL 3/pack

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ChloraPrep Prep Swabstick CHG/Alc 1s 5.25mL are used for Infection Control and for Patient Skin Preparation 2% CHG and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Skin Prep Solution in Ready to use Applicator Swabs Infection Control Protocol for Patient Pre-operative Skin Preparation Rapid-Acting and Persistent Antiseptic Activity Helps Reduce Skin Microorganisms that cause Bloodstream Infections (BSIs) and Surgical Site Infections (SSIs) Prepares Skin for Medical Procedures such as Peripheral IV insertions, Surgical Site Cleansing after Suturing, and Venipunctures Eliminates Direct Hand-to-Patient Contact

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