Ames Walker VenoDonner

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Size: Regular


Tired of battling your stockings & socks every day? If you answered yes, the VenoDonner™ is a MUST HAVE for you! The newest and best stocking & sock application aid on the market. The VenoDonner with its patent-pending tilting design makes applying stockings fast and effortless. The ergonomic tilting technology is designed for natural motion. Use with Open or Closed Toe Hosiery!

The process of putting on compression stockings isn't as simple as with regular hosiery and if you've struggled to put on your compression hose correctly, you'll welcome the VenoDonner.

Its unique tilting design uses natural motion to make putting your compression hosiery and socks on effortlessly. For use with open or closed-toe hosiery, the donning aid is available in two sizes. Proper application is crucial with compression socks and stockings--the VenoDonner takes away the hassle to get you up and going.

*REGULAR VenoDonner is for calf circumference less than 16".
*LARGE VenoDonner is for calf circumferences greater than 16".

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