Activon Tulle Honey Dressing

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Activon Tulle is a knitted viscose mesh dressing impregnated with 100% Manuka honey.

Activon Tulle creates a moist, therapeutic environment which effectively eliminates unpleasant odours from wounds. This product is an ideal selection on granulating or shallow wounds and is a practical choice when removing necrotic or sloughy tissue from smaller regions.

Activon Tulle can be applied either side down onto the affected wound area; multiple dressings can be arranged together to cover larger wound zones or trimmed to the desired size. To cover larger surfaces, Activon Tulle can be opened further, which lessens the honey concentration at the wound site.

Depending on the wound tissue and volume of exudate, an appropriate secondary dressing could be a film or absorbent option. If a wound has a high amount of fluid, a super absorbent dressing such as Eclypse should be utilized to manage the exudate.

Store Activon Tulle Honey Dressing at room temperature; honey may solidify in cooler temperatures and liquify in higher temperatures. When the product has hardened, heat between hands to return it to a more malleable state. Alternatively, if it has become too liquid, place in a cooler area for a brief period.

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