Have questions? We have answers.


I need to order supplies, what should I do?

Call Prism! You can reach us by phone at 888-244-6421. We have a specially trained team dedicated to you, ready to take your call.

What should I do with the package I received on my doorstep from Prism?

Look inside for products that you or your physician has ordered for you. Verify the items are correct. You should also find an envelope containing new patient documentation. Please read and sign where requested and return to us in the prepaid envelope provided.

Can I return my supplies?

Yes. Prism will accept returns on any unopened and unused package within 30 days of shipment. Please notify us immediately and we will have them picked up right from your doorstep.

I received a phone call from Prism. Why are you calling me?

Prism puts patients first! We may have called you for one of the following reasons: Our records show that it may be time for you to reorder your supplies or we may need additional information from you before we can ship your supplies.

I really like the products used by my physician. Can I order those same products from you?

Prism works directly with your healthcare professional to help you get the same supplies that were used on you at the clinic. We work closely with many manufacturers which allows Prism to have access to a variety of products.

How do I know if my insurance provider will cover my supplies?

Our team of trained specialists work diligently to develop partnerships with insurances nationwide. We will call your provider to verify benefits and if you have coverage we will ship your supplies. If your plan does not cover your medical supplies, we can offer pricing directly to you. If we are out of network, we will forward your order to an in-network provider.


How do I place an order?

You can send your order directly to Prism via fax, approved EMR (Wound Expert or Intellicure) or email. You can also give us a call and one of our dynamic team members will be happy to assist you with getting the products your patient needs. Please see our wound, ostomy, and urology form.

How long will it take for my patient to receive their products?

We provide 24-hour delivery. Our national distribution network allows next day delivery on most orders received by 4pm, including Saturdays.

In what increments can you ship supplies to the patient?

Prism offers flexible shipment sizes for your patient. Generally, our clinicians choose to ship in 15 or 30 day increments; however, we can ship in 1 to 30 day increments for the products you order.

Do you need a physician’s signature before sending the order?

Prism can accept your preliminary order without a signature to supply the patient. However, we will need to obtain a signature on a full detailed written order before we can submit a claim. We ask that you sign the order before submitting or follow up by sending us a signed order within five (5) business days of sending the original unsigned order.

What information should be included on the order form in order to process the request?

Prism may dispense most items of DMEPOS based on a verbal order or preliminary written order from the treating physician. This order must include: a description of the item, the beneficiary’s name, the physician’s name and the start date of the order. We will also need the patient’s demographics, quantity of products and frequency of use. Wound care supplies will require a completed wound assessment, which includes wound measurements, location of the wound(s) and exudate amount(s). Compression garment orders must include leg measurements or the exact size and brand requested. Other products may require more details. If so, a knowledgeable Prism staff member will follow up with you to complete your order.

Do you have a list of accepted insurances I can provide my patients?

Prism will accept all orders and coordinate care with you, the patient, and the patient’s insurance company. We are committed to getting your patient what they need to help with the healing process. We have a team of experts dedicated to working with each patient’s insurance provider to maximize benefits and reduce out of pocket expenses.

I am an ordering physician; do I need to have my PECOS registration completed or up to date?

Yes. All physicians prescribing DMEPOS must be PECOS registered. Please click this link for more information about getting your PECOS registration completed or updated.

Who should I call for more information?

You can contact our offices directly at 888-244-6421 or you can contact your local Territory Account Manager. If you are unsure who this may be, give us a call and we can get you in touch with the right person, or schedule your In-service below.