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At PRISM Medical Supply, we carry a wide variety of medical products and supplies. We offer a hand-picked selection of maternity, compression and alternative wellness products through our secure online store. But did you know we also sell a wide variety of home medical supplies through clinics, doctor's offices and hospitals nationwide.

Navigating through medical supply terminology can sometimes be confusing. We've defined a number of the products we carry to help you make the right choice for you or your loved ones' care.

Advanced Wound Care

Absorptive Dressing

Multilayer wound covers that provide either a semi-adherent or non-adherent layer with highly absorptive layers of fibers that minimize adherence to the wound and manage exudates. These layers can be made up of cellulose, cotton, or rayon.

Calcium Alginate

Alginate dressings are composed of natural polysaccharide fibers or xerogel made from seaweed. They are non-woven, non-adhesive pads and ribbons that form a moist gel when applied to wounds with exudates. These dressings are soft and comformable for application to wounds that are moderate to heavy exudates such as pressure ulcers, infected wounds, or venous insufficiency.


These wound dressings are derived from bovine, porcine, or avian sources to produce gels, pads, pastes, powders, or sheets. Some of these interact with exudates from the wound to form a gel. Wounds that may be treated with collagen include but not limited to pressure ulcers, venous ulcers, second degree burns, traumatic wounds, and surgical wounds.


These dressings provide multiple functions for wound care. These functions include bacterial barrier, absorption, and adhesion. They are typically comprised of multiple layers with a semi-adherent or non-adherent pad that covers the wound.


Compression garments are used to increase blood flow activity in the lower limbs by applying gentle pressure. These are typically made from elastic and when applied, help reduce pain from restricted veins.

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These dressings can come in a variety of shapes. Foam dressings are made polymer solutions with the capability of holding fluids. Some of these are impregnated or layered combined with other materials to provide absorption. They are designed to be non-adhesive to the wound bed for easy removal and are available with or without an adhesive border. These are typically used to treat partial- and full-thickness wounds.


This wound care product comes in the form of wafers, powers, or pastes made of gelatin, and pectin. Hydrocolloids can be absorptive depending on the wound and are available with or without an adhesive border. Wounds that may benefit from the use of a hydrocolloid include ulcers, partial or full thickness wounds with or without necrotic tissue.

Hydrogel (Gel)

These gels are made up of 90% water in a gel base (hydrated polymer) that aids in regulating fluid exchange from the wound surface. They are usually clear and vary in thickness. Hydrogel gels soothe the wound and help rehydrate the wound. These can be used to fill space and when infection is present. Examples of wounds that may use a hydrogel gel include abrasions, minor burns, radiation skin damage, or wounds with eschar or slough. These products are not recommended for wounds with heavy exudates.

Hydrogel (Sheet)

This product line are made up of networks of hydrophilic polymers that are insoluble in water. They are absorptive with varying amounts of drainage, depending on the wound composition. Hydrogel sheets work well with partial- and full-thickness wounds, minor burns, tissue damage, and wound with necrosis. Available in a variety of sizes with or without an adhesive border.

Impregnated Gauze

These come in the form of gauzes, non-woven sponges, ropes, and strips that are saturated with an emulsion solution, oil, or other agent or compound such as saline, oil, zinc salts, or petrolatum. Impregnated gauze is non-adherent and requires a secondary dressing.

Tape & Retention

Used to secure non-adhesive dressings. These come in a variety of widths and can be waterproof.

Other Products

Breast Pumps

The Affordable Care Act requires that most health insurance plans cover a breast pump for new mothers. We have multiple manual and electric pump models and accessories available.

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Whether it is a pouch, wafer, strip, deodorant, barrier, or other accessory our specialists can help you get the specific product you need to care for your ostomy.


Our belief is that a medical supplier should not tell you the type of catheter you should use. Let us help you find the urological product that you and your physician prefer.


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